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Garment steamer
Product Description and Safe Instructions
Purpose of Appliance:
This product is a kind of steam ironing instruments of textile products, applicable to the family, the wedding dress industry, garment industry, the curtain, sofa, hotel, hotel, etc.
Storage and Use:
When not in use for a long time, clear dry residual water in the kettle and machine, in places convenient to shelve.
Again before use, please check whether there is accumulated filth inside the tower kettle body, if you have any deposit please remove; Check whether the power cord and electric device is damaged, if there is damage to ask professional maintenance staff to replace.
Safe Instructions:
1. Please read the instructions carefully before use.
2. When using this product, equipped with 30 ma leakage protection switch power supply.
3. During the inspection, please do not use the product.
4. In the maintenance, add water, cleaning, clean and hang ironing machine, should be unplugged.
5. If the power cord is damaged, must by the manufacturer of professional maintenance department or similar department of professional maintenance personnel.
6. Do not use drag and drop method to pull the plug, should take the pull out the plug from the socket.
7. In need not when, please pull out the power plug.
8. The discovery of product parts is damaged, do not attempt to repair, should ask professional maintenance. Incorrect maintenance can lead to accidental.
9. Don't be removed by product structure of safety device, it can lead to dangerous.
10. It is strictly prohibited to put the body in water or other liquid.
11. When use, don't leave, don't let children touch.
12. Collection hang ironing machine, please hang out again after cooling hot residual water in the machine, so as to avoid hot water and hot gas burns.
13. After use, let the body's natural cooling ban as thermal state poured out water.
14. Don't bend airway or blocked air flow, this will lead to pressure is too high, resulting in an accident.
15. Don't add hot water kettle, this can result in water kettle deformation.
16. Notice when adding water or shut off the power when water kettle, add water when please pay attention to pull the plug.
17. The machine produce leakage is leaking, please stop using immediately, and please professional maintenance.
18. And insert the airway, please don't to be the time when thermal state, to avoid the hot gas burn.
19. When using the product, to prevent the risk of steam spitting.
20. Touch the shower panel is not permitted in the thermal state.
21. Please do not in bottle, host, kettle and fever add cleaning agents and chemicals used in the vessel.
22. Indoor use only.
23. When used in slope to the machine, please install the rollover stent.

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